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Welcome to Wellrunbusiness.com Ltd – Martin Bartholomew

Misunderstandings between country cultures leading to lost business, wasted resources, low morale and disengagement?

A successful leader in one culture turns out to be a disaster in another?

Slow step up to general management by a talented professional?

Gaps and overlaps between departments?

Poor skills in business English?

Sad, ineffective teams?

I can help. Contact me today on +44 (0) 7836 247 813 or martin@wellrunbusiness.com

“… an excellent coach. Kept it moving, but provided 1-on-1 teaching as needed; had good mnemonic devices.”

“….highly driven and sharp senior executive whom I worked with on strategic projects between our two companies.”

This website has a number of documents or extracts which are free to download for personal educational use. Please use the contact sheet if you would like more information, or to use downloads commercially.